Angel Paws Volunteer/Foster Application

*Angel PAWS is currently focusing on cats only. If you are interested in volunteering with dogs please go to to look for other rescues working with dogs.


Do you have any pets? Yes   No

What kind and how many?  

If no, have you had pets in the past?  Yes   No

If yes, what happened to them?  

If you have cats, do they stay indoors or like to go outdoors?  

Are your pets spayed/neutered?  Yes   No

If not, why?  

Who is your veterinarian?  

How much experience have you had with cats?  

Did you ever have to separate two fighting or angry cats? Yes   No

How did you do that?

Have you ever been bitten or felt threatened by a cat? Yes   No

If yes, what happened?

Have you volunteered with any organizations before?  Yes   No

If yes, with which group(s)? What did you do there? How long did you remain with the group(s)? Why did you leave?

Why do you want to volunteer with cats?

When are you available to volunteer? Mornings? Evenings? Saturday? Sunday?

What kind of volunteer work would you like to do?

How would you feel about working with ill cats? Have you ever treated cats with medication?

Are you able to, or would you be willing to foster in an emergency situation?

Anything else you would like to add?

Are you over 18? Yes   No

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