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    Attention: If you submitted an adoption or volunteer application from our website between 2/3/23 and 2/9/23, due to technical issues we may not have received it. If you have not received a response from us, please resubmit your application. Thank you!

    Welcome to Angel PAWS!

    Adoption Center: 490 Inman Ave. Colonia NJ 07067

    (At the intersection of Inman Ave. & West St.. Turn into the driveway between The Hair Place and the Pre~School. We are the last door on the left ~ the one with all the cats laying in the windows!)

    Our Mailing Address: PO Box 282 Colonia NJ 07067


    Thank you for your support during the last 2 years while we put all in person fundraisers on hold. We are now very excited to announce our 2022 Tricky Tray!

    GRAND PRIZE: 65" Sony TV

    Yankees, Nets, and Devils ticket packages worth up to $1200

    Over 300 prizes!

    For safety and comfort there are less entrance tickets available to lower the number of people at the event and more seating room at each table.

    Below is the link to the 2022 program. Please use the link to print out your copy and bring it with you to the event. WE WILL NOT BE HANDING OUT COPIES AT THE EVENT! Thank you!


    Tier Price Ranges
    Tier 1 $25-$70
    Tier 2 $71-$124
    Tier 3 $125-$299
    Zebra $300 and above

    Prepayment for Value Packs, to be picked up at the event, is available.

    Raffle Tickets
    Tier 1 $7 for 1 sheet $20 for 4 sheets Save $8
    Tier 2 $12 for 1 sheet $35 for 4 sheets Save $13
    Tier 3 $18 for 1 sheet $40 for 3 sheets Save $14
    Tier 4  $7 for 1 ticket $15 for 3 tickets Save $7
    Grand Prize $10 for 1 ticket $25 for 3 tickets Save $5
    Tier 1 4 sheets $20  
    Tier 2 4 sheets $35  
    Tier  3 3 sheets $40  
    Tier 4 3 tickets $15  
      Total $110  
      Package Price $80  
      Save $30  


    Angel PAWS is always looking for volunteers. If you would like learn more about what volunteering at the pet adoption center is like, please click on the video which was created by Jessica Cruz, Malia Coghlan and Lilyanna Roque as part of their Girl Scout Silver Award Project. Great job, ladies!

    Angel PAWS is currently focusing on cats only. If you are interested in volunteering with dogs please go to Petfinder.com to look for other rescues working with dogs. Click here to Apply to volunteer at Angel PAWS.


If you are interested in adopting, you can speed up the adoption process by filling out our

PAC hours are M~F 7PM-8:30PM and S/S noon-3PM.


    Our Mission...

    To promote the humane treatment and care of animals as pets, provide a safe haven for those in need and educate and assist their human friends. We believe every animal has the right to be wanted before it is born and the right to a loving home.

    A little bit about us...

    Angel PAWS is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to relieving the suffering of and finding permanent homes for stray, abandoned and homeless animals. We were founded in July, 1999, by two dedicated rescuers who, combined, have over 40 years of rescue experience both on their own and in other rescue organizations. The founding members felt there was a need to bring a new, progressive style of animal care to the community. In addition, we are NJ State Certified Animal Control.

    Where we are located...

    Angel PAWS has a Pet Adoption Center located on Inman Avenue in Colonia. It is a perfect little animal haven for our cats and an information center for adoptions and pet care for visitors. Please call for visiting hours! Our dogs live in foster homes where their temperaments, habits and training are evaluated. We also keep our Moms and kittens (and those cats that prefer a private kingdom) in foster homes. Click here if you would like to know more about fostering.

    Why we are unique...

    Angel PAWS P.A.C. is set up in the progressive style of animal sheltering. Watch out when you visit!! Don't be surprised if you get swatted from above or an ankle ambushed from below! After a quarantine period, completed medical care and an acclimation period, cats are welcome to roam the facility freely: lying in the windows for a little sun, snoozing on comfy beds, running up and down the stairs, or surveying their domain from above on the catwalk (coming soon). Guests can sit amongst the cats and play and learn the cat's purrsonality. We also do adoption events at pet supply stores and animal related events such as cat shows and pet fairs and by special arrangement.

    A few important "we's"...

    • We are all volunteers; there are no paid members. All donations go directly to supporting the animals.

    • We run strictly by private donation, we receive no municipal funding and, therefore, must solicit donations and hold fund raising events.

    • We are a "limited access" organization. No animals are euthanized to make room for more. All healthy, adoptable animals remain with us until they find permanent homes.

    • We provide complete medical care. All cats are tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS, all dogs for heartworm. All animals are up to date on vaccinations and those over 6 months are altered.

    • We participate in the NJ Animal Population Control Program to make low cost spay/neuter services available to our adopters.

    • We provide assistance and advice to the public in their efforts to help stray and abandoned animals.

    • We provide education on general animal care and pet needs.

    • We remain active in the rescue community and attend seminars and courses to further our own education to provide our animals and the public with the newest information on animal care.

    • We accept any and all donations, whether monetary, in the form of supplies, or time spent volunteering.

    Which brings us to our wish list...

    • Volunteers!

    • Foster homes!

    • Cat food, cans and premium dry

    • Kitty litter,  clay only

    • safety breakaway cat collars

    • Volunteers!

    • Foster homes!

    • Paper towels, paper plates (6")

    • Bleach

    • Towels

    • Toys

    • Volunteers!

    • Foster homes!

    • Office supplies: paper, pens, etc.

    • Plastic garbage bags

    • Grooming items: brushes, nail clipper, scratching posts

    • Volunteers! Foster homes!

    • And, since Angel PAWS has no outside funding, monetary donations are always welcome

    If you would like to know more about fostering with Angel PAWS, please read our FAQ's about fostering.


    send us an email