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Adoption Application

The following information is requested so we can assist you in the selection of a new pet.  The animal's welfare is our foremost concern.  The consultation process is designed to help assist you in finding the animal most compatible to your lifestyle. 

Please fill in Home and Contact information and either Cat or Dog Adoptions as it applies.  Fill out the information in each section as requested.  Then, at the end of the form, supply your name and contact information and submit the form.  Only completely filled in applications will be accepted. 

Home Information:

1. Is this your first experience with a pet? Yes  No

2. Do you have other pets at home?  Yes  No

If yes:

dog cat yes no yes no in out
dog cat yes no yes no in out
dog cat yes no yes no in out

3. If you presently own a cat/kitten, has it been tested for Feline AIDS and Leukemia?  (This is not a standard procedure done automatically by a veterinarian, you usually need to request this blood test to be done.)  yes no

Results of test: Positive  Negative

Where was your cat tested?

Under what last name is your pet listed at your veterinarian?

4. If you don't have pet(s) now, have you had any in the past?  Yes  No  Cat  Dog

How long did you have your last pet? 

What happened to your last pet? 

5. Have you ever had to give up a pet? Yes No

If yes, what were the circumstances?

6. If you are no longer able to care for your pet, what will happen to him/her?

Who will care for him?

7. Who is/was your veterinarian?  Name Tel#


Approximately when was your last vet visit?

8. How long have you resided at your present address?

9. Do you currently live in a

10. Do you Own  Rent

If rent, does your lease allow pets? Yes No

Landlord's name Tel#

11. How many people live in your household?

Do the adults know you plan to adopt? Yes No

If there are children in the household, list ages

12. Does anyone in your household have any known allergies to animals? Yes No

13. Where will this pet be kept during the day? Night?

14. Is anyone home all day? Yes No

If so, how many hours will the pet be left alone in a 24 hour period?

15. Where will the pet be kept when alone?

16. Are you financially prepared to give your new pet routine and emergency medical care such as rabies vaccinations, inoculations, exams for parasites, earmites, etc.? Yes No

17. Would you object to a visit or call from an Angel PAWS representative to see how you and your new pet are doing?  Yes No


Cat/Kitten Adoptions Only:

1. Do you want the cat for a: (check all that apply)

house pet





companion for another pet

2.Will the cat be allowed outdoors? Yes No

If so, how many hours and when

3.Do you plan to declaw the cat/kitten? Yes No

If yes, front only all four

4.What will you do if the cat claws furniture or shows other destructive behavior?

5.Do you need an explanation of how to introduce a new cat to your current pet? Yes No

6.Are you familiar with the types of litter to use/feeding recommendations for a cat? Yes No

Dog/Puppy Adoptions Only:

1.Do you want the dog for: (check all that apply)

house pet

guard dog

watch dog




companion for another pet

2.Do you realize you will probably have to housetrain the dog? Yes No

3. Are you familiar with crate training? Yes No

4.Are you familiar with leash and licensing laws in your community? Yes No

5.How will you keep your dog confined to your property? (check all that apply)

in home kennel

fenced yard

on chain



on leash

6.Do you have a fenced in yard? Yes No

If yes, how high?

7.What will you do if your dog chews furniture or shows other destructive behavior?

8.Do you need an explanation of how to introduce a new dog to your current pet? Yes No

9.Are you familiar with the feeding recommendations for a dog/puppy? Yes No

Contact Information (fields in red are required fields)

Animal interested in:





Zip Code:

Phone: (H) (W)


email address:

How did you hear about Angel PAWS?

If from a newspaper, which one?

Please give careful consideration to adopting a pet. Animals are not toys or short term commitments. Make sure your lifestyle allows the time, patience and expense this pet will need over the years. Animals for adoption are placed with adopters with full consideration given to the needs of each animal.

By submitting below, you certify that you understand the following:

1.Angel PAWS reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone.

2.The information contained within this application is accurate and not misleading in any way.

3.You are over 18 years of age.

4.Angel PAWS reserves the right to contact any individuals listed on this form.



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