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Angel PAWS has experienced counselors who can answer your questions and assist you in choosing the right pet for your household. We invite you to fill out our online adoption application, but before you adopt a pet, there are some things you should consider:

***Due to the Covid Pandemic, our Adoption Center is currently closed to the public. Adoptions are being arranged by appointment. If you are interested in adopting, please click on the online adoption application above. Thank you!

Why do you want a pet?

People want pets for many great reasons and pets add life and love to a home. But pets are living creatures, not objects or possessions, and their well being must be considered above all else. Pets take time and commitment from the whole family. If some members of the household are opposed to getting a pet or if the pet is simply to please someone else without everyone agreeing, now might not be the time. Animals deserve to be loved and wanted by everyone involved!

Will a pet fit into your lifestyle?

Make sure that a pet fits into your daily life. Do you have the time to walk a dog or are you away from home for most of the day? Do you travel a lot and have no one to take of the animal while you're away? Do you have the time to provide care for your pet like good food, fresh water, clean living quarters, proper grooming and plenty of exercise and interaction with you? Do you have the time and patience to provide the proper training for your pet? Are you a major "neat freak" and are you prepared that pets often have accidents and that, at the very least, you will have to deal with pet hair on the furniture? Are you prepared for the lifelong commitment an animal requires and that cats and even some dogs can live 15-20 years? Do you know that your lifestyle will be changing in a few years where having a pet may become inconvenient?

Cat? Dog? What breed or breed mix will you consider?

Cats and dogs have different personalities and, of course, require different care. Cats can be left alone for longer periods of time and dogs need to be walked often. Dogs can accompany you on trips and visits or to the park to play while many cats don't travel very well and don't generally enjoy being included on running errands. Getting a cat or a dog is usually not the major decision for most people, though, but what type usually is. Did you know that long haired cats shed less than short hairs? But are you prepared for the time and commitment it takes to keep a long hair properly groomed? Did you know that short haired dogs like Labs shed much more than many long hairs? Did you know that some breeds of dog are more difficult to train than others and seem to stay "puppies" longer? Did you know that some breeds, both cat and dog, are more susceptible to diseases and genetic defects than others? Some seem to not have an off switch and some are couch potatoes? Do as much research as possible and choose carefully. Even when choosing a loveable mutt, predominant breed qualities may show through.

Puppy/kitten or an adult?

Everyone agrees that puppies and kittens are absolutely adorable but are you prepared for the commitment of time and patience that they require? Are you aware that puppies and kittens cost more, in food, care and vet bills, in their first year of life than an adult? Are you prepared for the amount of training required for a little one and the number of "accidents" that occur along the way? Did you know that no matter how much you think you can raise a puppy or kitten to be the way you want it to be that there are many inherited personality traits that are not affected by training or environment and their adult personality can often be a "surprise"? (If you have a particular personality in mind and specific behaviors you want from an animal - like being a lap cat - then you want an adult!) Did you know that adults, most likely, have all their medical care completed at the time of adoption? That they generally have been house and behavior trained to some degree and might just need some reminding? That their personalities are more obvious and you can be more reasonably sure you are getting the type of companion that you want? Puppy and kittenhood last for such a short period of time but you will have an adult much longer!

Are you financially prepared for a pet?

There is more to pet care than the initial adoption donation! While you don't have to be wealthy to have a pet, there are some considerations about proper pet care. Are you financially prepared to give your pet a high quality food to help ensure his health? Can you provide your pet with annual health care, updated vaccinations and preventative treatments for fleas, ticks and heartworm? Are you prepared to provide your pet with the supplies he needs to live comfortably, like food dishes, litter pans, litter, collars and leashes, grooming supplies and, of course, toys? Are you prepared to provide your pet with regular professional grooming if his coat requires it? Are you able to provide your pet proper care if he has an illness or needs surgery? As your pet ages, are you prepared that he will need additional medical support to help him enjoy his senior years comfortably?

There are no wrong answers to the above and these questions are provided as "food for thought". Angel PAWS is not discouraging pet ownership, in fact, we highly recommend it! For the happiness of both the pet owner and the pet we want people to make knowledgeable, informed choices.

Please give careful consideration to adopting a pet. Animals are not toys or short term commitments. Make sure that your lifestyle allows the time, patience and expense this pet will need over the years.

You may fill out our online adoption application or visit us in person at one of our adoption events.

Steps to Adoption

You will be requested to fill out an adoption application. This application is designed to assist us in determining your past and present experience with a pet and what you are hoping to find in a new pet. All Angel PAWS animals come with the following:

An examination by a licensed veterinarian

Blood tests for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline AIDS (FIV) for cats

FVRCP vaccines for cats, appropriate for the animal's age

Tested for intestinal parasites and dewormed

Groomed with flea and tick prevention applied

Rabies vaccine for all animals over 4 months

All adults over 5 months previously spayed or neutered

Low cost spay/neuter ($20) for all kittens through participating vets


Adoption fees:

Cats $130.00

Kittens $145.00*

* Includes $35.00 refundable deposit for spay/neuter.

If you are interested in adopting one of the many wonderful animals we have available, please check out our News and Events page to see when we are holding our next adoption events. To preview our animals online, please visit us at Petfinder. Call us at 732-340-1199 to arrange a visit......


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